13 Movies Like The Babysitter: Slashingly Hilarious Movies

I LOVE a good horror comedy, and Netflix’s The Babysitter fits the description with a little bit of a Kill Bill flare.

If you want a silly horror movie filled with slasher-eseque gore, this is the film for you. You might scream a bit, you’ll probably laugh, and you might even cover your face in disgust — but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you’ve already seen it and you’re looking for like The Babysitter, this list of comedy horror flicks is for you.

Best movies like The Babysitter

1. The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020)

The obvious answer when it comes to movies like The Babysitter is the sequel, The Babysitter: Killer Queen.

Samara Weaving is back with a slightly updated satanic cult and they’re seeking revenge. This is another of the Netflix movies and you’ll need a subscription to enjoy it.

If you enjoyed the first instance of the babysitter killer, you’ll love that the concept is back. This is an easy win for this style of movie.

2. Ready or Not (2019)

Ready or Not is a little bit more on the slasher side of things, but it’s still a horror comedy that will keep you entertained.

A young bride (Samara Weaving) is thrust into a game of hide and seek on her wedding night with deadly consequences. I watched this one in the theatres with full gore, then recently streamed it on Disney+, and I would highly recommend adding it to your list. It’s like if the family in Knives Out were all murderers.

This one is gory, suspenseful, and laugh out loud funny — everything you could want from a great movie like The Babysitter.

3. Happy Death Day (2017)

Happy Death Day is another horror movie with a sense of humor.

A college student (Jessica Rothe) is murdered on her birthday, but she keeps reliving the day over and over again. She has to solve her own murder in order to break the cycle. If you like Groundhog Day meets Scream, this is the movie for you.

You don’t need to have an appreciation for scary movies or horror comedies to love it, because it combines a great story with humor, suspense, and just the right amount of gore.

4. Day Shift (2022)

Day Shift is a fun spin on the traditional monster hunting slasher films. It’s a healthy dose of comedy mixed with a little bit of the supernatural.

The movie follows Bud (Jamie Foxx) a pool cleaner who moonlights as a vampire hunter. In addition to Jamie Foxx, it also has Snoop Dogg as fellow hunter Big John Elliott. This black comedy horror has a real Kill Bill vibe to it.

I watched this one on a whim and enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you give it a shot.

5. Zombieland (2009)

Zombieland is another classic horror comedy that focuses on zombies instead of killer babysitters. If you somehow missed this one you NEED to add it to your list.

This is like the action comedy version of The Walking Dead, and it really is a great time. In this post-apocalyptic world, four strangers have to band together in order to survive.

Starring Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin, it’s gory, it’s funny, and it has some great one-liners. You really can’t go wrong adding Zombieland to your must-watch horror lists.

6. The Final Girls (2015)

The Final Girls is a fun horror comedy that puts us all in the seat we really want to be in with a horror film.

A group of teens get transported into a classic ’80s slasher flick where they become the characters. It’s up to them to save the day and make it back to reality.

If you love a horror movie like The Babysitter, this one is a must-see. It’s clever, it’s funny, and it will leave you wanting more.

7. Fear Street: Part One – 1994 (2021)

I had high hopes for the Fear Street trilogy (there are three films, all released 2021) but it didn’t quite do it for me. It’s not that it was bad, but I watched it right after The Babysitter and it didn’t quite hold up — so put some space between the two of them.

For horror movie fans that love a good slasher and appreciate some ’90s nostalgia, this is definitely one to add to your list. It’s set in 1994 and follows a group of teens that are being targeted by a killer. There are some great jump scares, suspenseful moments, and just enough gore to make this black comedy enjoyable.

8. A Haunted House (2013)

If you’re interested in truly ridiculous spoof movies, A Haunted House is perfect for you.

This film series is a spoof of the Paranormal Activity franchise — a found footage of sorts that features a haunted house. A word of warning, this film is fart joke funny — it’s not serious, the jokes are grossly goofy, and you really have to be in a specific mood to enjoy it.

Much like the movies it’s trying to spoof, the owners of the house have to deal with the usual paranormal activity — things moving, strange noises, and hauntings.

While it’s not the most original film on this list, I could definitely see the similarities between these comedy horror films.

9. The Addams Family (1991)

Who doesn’t love The Addams Family? This is a horror comedy that’s relatively family-friendly, pending you don’t mind a few dark jokes in front of the kidlets.

The Addams Family is a pretty classic film at this point, and it definitely deserves a spot on any horror movie list. This gothic comedy focuses on the very strange and macabre family, and their new neighbors — the boring and “normal” Cleavers.

Hijinks ensue as the two families try to co-exist, and it’s really a fun Halloween film for the whole family.

10. Scary Movie (2000)

Another big horror spoof series are the Scary Movie films, and if you haven’t seen at least the first one you need to.

This funny flick makes fun of all those horror and comedy cliches, and it was the first to really do it in a good way. The first Scary Movie is by far the best in the series, but they’re all worth a watch if you’re looking for some spooky spoofs.

If you love this film, make sure to also check out Not Another Teen Movie which is in the same vein.

11. Tragedy Girls (2017)

Tragedy Girls is a dark comedy that follows two teenage girls who are obsessed with social media and getting likes.

In order to up their follower count, they decide to start killing people and live streaming the murders. It’s a bit of a different take on the horror genre, but it’s definitely an enjoyable watch. The girls are absolutely diabolical, and the film does a great job of satirizing our social media-obsessed culture.

If you’re looking for something different, this is a fantastic movie to add to your list.

12. Freaky (2020)

Freaky is one of my favorite slasher comedy flicks.

It follows a teenage girl who swaps bodies with a deranged serial killer. It’s a bit of a Freaky Friday meets Friday the 13th, and it’s just as fun as it sounds. The film is gory, funny, and suspenseful — everything you could want in horror movies.

If you’re looking for something new to watch, I highly recommend throwing freaky on one of your horror lists.

13. You’re Next (2011)

You’re Next is another one of the great horror comedy movies like The Babysitter that’s perfect for any slasher fan.

The film follows a family who is targeted by a group of killers during their annual reunion. Of course, not everything is as it seems, and the family has to band together to survive the night. This one is pretty gory, but it’s also very funny.

If you’re looking for a good horror comedy, You’re Next is definitely worth a watch.

What is The Babysitter?

If you have yet to see The Babysitter, this comedy horror film directed by McG (This Means War) is must-see if you’re into this genre of film.

It’s an action comedy that stars Samara Weaving looking like an absolute queen, as she babysits a young boy while his parents are away. However, it turns out she’s part of a Satanic cult that wants to sacrifice him.

This film is hilarious, filled with suspenseful moments, has some great twists and turns, and an amazing cast. If you’re looking for a good horror comedy, The Babysitter is definitely one to add to your list.

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