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I really enjoyed unfriended because it has a very real feel to it, despite being fictional – essentially it plays on a fear we all have about the deep dark web and what can happen there. To be clear: bad things can and do happen on the internet, but Unfriended isn’t real. 

If you’re looking for more films that have a similar look and feel to Unfriended – whether you want a heavy social media and tech influence, or you’re looking for found footage – there’s something here for you.

Here are my top picks for movies like Unfriended:

Best Movies Like Unfriended

1. Searching (2018)

In Searching, a desperate father (John Cho)  uses technology to unravel the mystery of his missing daughter, navigating through digital footprints left on her laptop and social media.

This thriller is cleverly told entirely through computer screens and smartphone displays, creating an immersive experience that mirrors Unfriended’s storytelling technique.

Viewers who enjoyed the tension and relevance of digital spaces in Unfriended will appreciate the innovative narrative style and suspense of Searching.

2. Friend Request (2016)

Friend Request taps into the dark side of social media, where a popular college student’s life spirals into chaos after she unfriends a mysterious classmate online. 

What follows is a chilling blend of supernatural horrors linked to social interactions, making it a compelling watch for fans of Unfriended who are drawn to stories about the perils of digital life and its unforeseen consequences.

I will say if you’re looking for realism, this is probably not the flick for you. But it reminds me (loosely) of Insidious: The Red Door, but more indie.

3. The Gallows Act II (2019)

The Gallows Act II follows an aspiring actress, high schooler Auna Rue, who becomes entangled in a malevolent curse after participating in a viral social media challenge related to a deadly school play.

This sequel of The Gallows (a found-footage style film from 2015) enhances its horror elements by integrating internet culture and the quest for online fame, making it a good pick for Unfriended enthusiasts who appreciate horror that connects with modern digital behaviors and the haunting effects of past events.

Now that I think about it, if you like the found footage style of Unfriended I’d recommend watching the first one as well.

4. Missing (2023)

Missing is a suspenseful thriller that chronicles a young woman’s frantic search for her missing mother, piecing together her digital footprint via emails, texts, and videos.

Much like Unfriended, the entire film unfolds on computer and phone screens, offering a real-time puzzle-solving experience. This movie is ideal for those who favor Unfriended’s screen-based storytelling and the thrilling use of everyday technology in unraveling mysteries.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Missing. I liked the multi-country angle of it, plus it has a weird massive twist towards the end that makes the story that much more interesting.

5. Like. Share. Follow. (2017)

Like. Share. Follow. is a horror film that delves into the life of a rising YouTube star who becomes the obsession of a dangerously devoted fan.

The movie explores the dark intersections between public personas and private lives, mirroring the cyber-thematic elements of Unfriended. Fans of Unfriended will find the social media-driven narrative and the escalating tension familiar and frightening.

6. Followed (2018)

In Followed, a vlogger’s commitment to boosting his online following leads him to a haunted hotel, where the content for his disturbing series becomes terrifyingly real. 

This film cleverly uses the format of a video blog to build suspense and horror, appealing to Unfriended fans who are captivated by stories of how online activities can lead to real-world horrors.

The “Lennox Hotel” of the film is essentially supposed to be The Cecil Hotel/Stay on Main – a now defunct hotel/hostel that has a really sordid history. While the story itself is fictional, this film could be called (very loosely) based on a true story.

7. The Den (2013)

The Den is a horror film set within the confines of a video chat platform, where a researcher witnesses a brutal murder online and becomes the killer’s next target. 

Like Unfriended, it utilizes technology as both a plot device and a medium of storytelling, creating a sense of claustrophobia and immediacy. This movie is perfect for viewers who enjoy the integration of digital interaction and real-life terror.

8. Open Windows (2014)

Open Windows revolves around a fan who wins a contest to meet an actress but instead finds himself pulled into a disturbing game of voyeurism and danger, all through his computer.

The film’s real-time narrative and use of tech devices as storytelling tools make it a thrilling watch for fans of Unfriended who enjoy tech-centric plots with intense, unpredictable twists.

9. Cyberbully (2011)

Cyberbully (2011) addresses the impact of online bullying among teenagers, focusing on a young girl who becomes a target over the internet.

This drama not only discusses important social issues but also creates a tense, emotional environment that resonates with Unfriended fans interested in the psychological and societal impacts of cyber interactions.

10. Host (2020)

Host cleverly captures the essence of lockdown life during the pandemic, turning a routine Zoom call among friends into a night of supernatural terror.

This sharply modern horror film reflects real-time reactions and evolving horror as the group inadvertently summons a spirit through an online séance. Its use of familiar video call glitches and internet lags adds an extra layer of authenticity and suspense, making it uniquely relatable for an audience accustomed to video conferencing.

This setup provides an innovative angle on technological horror, perfect for fans of Unfriended looking for a fresh yet familiar scare.

11. Cam (2018)

Cam presents a twisted tale of identity theft in the digital age, where an online camgirl finds her life and career stolen by a mysterious duplicate who hijacks her channel. Beyond the suspense and mystery, the film dives into themes of digital identity and the performative nature of online personas.

Its unsettling exploration of how easily one’s online presence can be manipulated and used against them makes it a gripping watch for Unfriended fans intrigued by the darker side of internet fame and the blurring lines between virtual and real.

12. Ratter (2015)

Ratter intensifies the fear of surveillance as it tracks a young woman through the lens of her hacker’s camera, turning personal devices into instruments of terror. The film effectively captures the claustrophobia and anxiety of being watched, transforming everyday objects like phones and laptops into sources of fear.

This psychological invasion of privacy mirrors the unsettling theme in Unfriended, where technology becomes the enemy within, making Ratter a haunting reflection on the loss of privacy in our digitally connected lives.

13. Profile (2018)

Profile is based on the true story of a journalist infiltrating terrorist recruitment networks through social media. The film’s tension is palpable as it unfolds entirely on computer screens, immersing the audience in a dangerous game of cat and mouse that blurs the line between reporter and recruit.

Profile utilizes its screen-based storytelling to create a riveting narrative that not only entertains but also offers a stark commentary on the power of manipulation online. It’s a thrilling choice for Unfriended fans who are drawn to the real-world implications of virtual interactions.

14. E-Demon (2018)

E-Demon showcases the perils of viral challenges gone wrong when a group of friends encounters a demonic entity that spreads like a virus through social media. The film’s blend of traditional horror elements with modern technology critiques the dark side of internet trends and group dynamics.

Its exploration of how innocuous online interactions can have deadly consequences resonates with the central fears in Unfriended, appealing to viewers who are fascinated by the intersection of old-world curses and new-world technology.

15. #Horror (2015)

#Horror delves into the lives of twelve-year-old girls who become the targets of a malicious cyberbully, with their online actions spiraling into real-world tragedy. The film intertwines the horror genre with a poignant critique of social media culture, exposing the harsh reality of online abuse and its psychological impact.

This exploration of cyberbullying through a horror lens makes #Horror an intense, relevant film for Unfriended fans interested in the more severe consequences of digital interaction.

16. Sickhouse (2016)

Sickhouse revolutionizes storytelling by initially broadcasting in real-time on Snapchat, capturing the horror of a group exploring an alleged haunted house.

The ephemeral nature of Snapchat adds an immediacy and realism to the narrative, creating a visceral viewing experience. This format, combined with the film’s raw, unfiltered content, offers a unique take on found footage horror that resonates with the instant, often fleeting interactions of today’s social media.

It’s an experimental and engaging approach that will attract Unfriended enthusiasts who enjoy boundary-pushing media.

17. Disconnect (2012)

Disconnect weaves a series of interconnected stories highlighting the profound effects of the internet on different aspects of personal lives. From cyberbullying to identity theft, each narrative thread explores the unintended consequences of digital disconnection and engagement.

While not a traditional horror film, its intense drama and moral questions echo the unsettling themes found in Unfriended. Disconnect is an evocative exploration of our complex relationships with technology, making it a thought-provoking film for those who ponder the broader impacts of their online lives.

18. The Countdown (2019)

In The Countdown, the line between life and death becomes frighteningly digital. The premise revolves around an app that not only predicts the exact moment of one’s death but also seems to accelerate that destiny for its users.

This terrifying fusion of technology and destiny will strike a chord with Unfriended fans who are drawn to stories where technology controls more than just bits and bytes but the very lives of its users. The intense countdown and the desperate quest to change fate make this film a thrilling watch.

19. Unfriended: Dark Web (2018)

Dark Web offers a harrowing dive into the abyss of the internet where a group of friends finds a second-hand laptop filled with access to the dark corners of the web. 

As they uncover videos that should never have been seen, the owners of the dark secrets come hunting. This film takes the fear of unknown digital territories to new depths, perfect for fans of Unfriended who revel in stories of cyber exploration gone horribly wrong.

20. Polaroid (2019)

Polaroid revolves around a cursed Polaroid camera that spells doom for anyone captured in its photos. The film blends the nostalgia of analog technology with the modern-day fascination with selfies, creating a unique horror premise.

This cursed object, much like the haunted technology in Unfriended, poses an unseen, ever-present threat, making Polaroid a compelling mix of old-school horror and contemporary culture fears.

21. Ouija (2014)

Ouija follows a group of teenagers who unwittingly invite a dark presence into their lives through an ancient spirit board. The horror that ensues as they delve deeper into the spirit world parallels the invasive and unforeseen dangers of the digital interactions in Unfriended.

This film is a gateway to discussions on how seemingly innocent tools can unleash catastrophic horrors, appealing to the same audience that appreciates supernatural consequences arising from everyday items.

22. V/H/S (2012)

V/H/S is a chilling anthology that taps into the found footage genre, each segment uncovering more gruesome and unsettling tales linked by the theme of voyeurism and the consequences of watching or being watched.

Its gritty, raw visual style and the unsettling feeling of peering into forbidden tales are akin to the voyeuristic and invasive horror themes in Unfriended, making it ideal for fans who crave a compilation of short, impactful stories.

23. The Ring (2002)

The Ring is a seminal horror film where the terror comes from a cursed videotape, with death following a week after viewing.

This iconic blend of supernatural elements and a cursed media format pioneered many of the themes seen in Unfriended, especially the concept of a technology conduit serving as a curse. The slow-building dread, combined with investigative elements, offers Unfriended fans a deeper, more atmospheric horror experience.

24. 13 Cameras (2015)

13 Cameras escalates the fear of being watched to extreme levels when a couple discovers their landlord has installed cameras throughout their rented home.

The invasion of privacy and the psychological terror of being observed non-stop resonate deeply with the themes in Unfriended, where technology becomes a tool for terror. The unsettling nature of being monitored in one’s supposed sanctuary gives this film a disturbing edge.

25. Nerve (2016)

Nerve portrays an online game of dare that becomes dangerously real, pushing players into increasingly perilous stunts as an anonymous crowd watches and bets on their actions.

The adrenaline-fueled dares and the moral questions about online anonymity and spectacle echo the themes of real consequences for digital actions seen in Unfriended. This film is both a critique and an exploration of the thrill and danger inherent in living life online.

26. Assimilate (2019)

Assimilate explores the eerie phenomenon of a small town where residents are being replaced by exact copies of themselves. The thriller combines elements of science fiction with real-world horror as friends uncover the chilling truth.

Like Unfriended, where digital personas take on a life of their own, Assimilate addresses themes of identity and the loss thereof in a tightly paced narrative.

27. Untraceable (2008)

Untraceable follows a determined FBI agent as she tries to catch a technologically savvy serial killer who broadcasts his crimes live on the internet.

The killer’s use of the web to widen his reach and involve the public in his gruesome deeds plays into fears similar to those Unfriended taps into—where the internet is not just a tool but an accomplice in crime. This film is a terrifying examination of the power and pitfalls of connectivity.

What is Unfriended?

Unfriended is a groundbreaking horror film that unfolds entirely on a computer screen, a storytelling method that immerses viewers in the digital world where the movie’s chilling narrative takes place.

Set almost exclusively through the view of a high school student’s laptop screen, Unfriended leverages familiar digital platforms like social media, email, and instant messaging to create a suspenseful atmosphere. The narrative cleverly integrates these elements, capturing the tension and horror as unseen forces begin to reveal deep secrets and orchestrate terrifying events.

Unfriended stands out for its unique format and timely themes, making it an intriguing watch for both horror enthusiasts and those interested in the impacts of digital culture. The film’s ability to evoke fear using only the everyday tools of modern communication challenges traditional filmmaking conventions and offers a fresh perspective on the genre.

Final Thoughts: Movies Like Unfriended

If you’re looking for movies like Unfriended, there are PLENTY of choices out there for you. If you want something that’s more found footage style, I’d recommend something like Host or Searching, but if you want technology driven try The Ring or Polaroid. Ultimately, there are SO MANY choices out there – which will you watch next?

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